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"The Many Career Paths a Player Can Pursue" Stephanie Connelly Eiswerth, PGA/LPGA

October 24, 2022 Stephanie Connelly Eiswerth, PGA/LPGA Season 1 Episode 11
Coach Mo Golf Show
"The Many Career Paths a Player Can Pursue" Stephanie Connelly Eiswerth, PGA/LPGA
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In this episode, Stephanie Connelly Eiswerth, PGA/LPGA, shares her development from the beginning of her junior golf days, up through playing D1 College golf at UCF, to her transition from college golf to professional golf and her career for seven years on the now Epson Tour.  After ending her career as a touring professional, Stephanie entered new territory into the coaching world as an Assistant Coach for the UNF Women's Golf Team.  After spending some years coaching, Stephanie got out of her comfort zone even further and began pursuing a career as an instructor earning both her LPGA and PGA credentials. Despite becoming a golf instructor, Stephanie has kept her game strong and continually qualifies for LPGA Majors including the KPMG and US Women's Open.  Stephanie is currently an Instructor at San Jose CC, a private club located in Jacksonville, FL where she is passionate about sharing her knowledge, skills, creativity, and most importantly love of the game to those who want to learn how to play golf.  This episode is great for all junior and college players to hear, even more so those that love the game of golf, and potentially want to pursue a career in golf after they have pursued their playing career as far as it will take them.

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Intro to Stephanie
Stephanie the Golfer
Transition from College Golf to Professional Golf
Just Get the Ball in the Hole
Is Chasing Speed Right for You?
Steph's Favorite MAJOR story
Coach Mo's First HIO Story
Transition from Playing to College Coaching
Coaching Vs. Instructing
Golf is so Much More than Just a Good-Looking Swing
How Coaching Golf Gives Back
Advice to Juniors & College Players
How Parents Can Help
Practice Like a Pro
Wedges for Performance
How Exploring Creativity Creates Feel