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Ryan Kalista, PGA, "There is No Club Pro Crisis"

October 31, 2022 Ryan Kalista, PGA Season 1 Episode 12
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Ryan Kalista, PGA, "There is No Club Pro Crisis"
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Ryan Kalista started golf late as a teenager, tried to walk-on at Methodist several times, but missed by a stroke.  Being a PGM student at Methodist, Ryan served one of his internships at Innis Arden in Greenwich, CT where he spent the first 10 years of his professional career at.  Ryan battled and overcame a deadly form of skin cancer as while being outside and teaching as a Golf Instructor, but that didn't halt Ryan from pursuing his dream to become a head golf professional in Greenwich, CT before he reached the age of 40. At age 39, Ryan earned the position of Head Golf Professional at Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich, CT which to this day, makes him tingle with gratitude and appreciation.  Ryan's perspective, work ethic, ability to rebound, and relentless pursuit to achieve his dreams, is something all golf professionals can be enlightened by.  In his mind, there is no "Club Pro Crisis", as he is a living, breathing example of a kid who loved golf actually seeing his dreams come true to be a Head Golf Professional one day. On this episode, hear Ryan's story, perspective, and attitude on playing golf, working in golf, and loving the life of being a PGA Golf Professional in the MET Section in Greenwich, CT.


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Intro to Ryan
What Would Ryan Do?
Ryan on his Jr & College Golf Days
The Beginning of a Professional Career in Golf
Half Glass Full Attitude
Overcoming Cancer
Advice to New Golf Pros
MET PGA Seminars
What Separates the Great PGA Professionals
There is No "Club Pro Crisis"
Transition from Assistant Pro to Head Golf Pro
Started from the Bottom Now I'm Here
The "WHY" of Becoming a Golf Professional
Ryan the Player
Ryan's Requirement for His Staff
Golf Digest Has it Wrong
Figure out What Works for You, Not Everyone Else
You Get in What You Put Out